Are you pregnant?? Would you like a treatment to make you feel like a yummy mummy? Spray tanning is perfectly safe during pregnancy and will make your skin feel and look amazing. Please check out my link below or call 07769182485 to discuss your requirement. *** Please note you most be post 12 weeks :-)*** 

Why Get A Spray Tan??  Confidence boosting. Want to feel confident about your body without spending a fortune on expensive treatments, lotions and potions? Spray tanning is the perfect answer! In the space of just ten minutes an expert therapist can instantly boost your body confidence by spraying your skin with a light application of tanning solution, which will darken the top layer of skin cells and leave behind a flawless finish. Your skin will look healthy, revitalised and radiant, helping you to feel glamorous and beautiful from head to toe.

Slimming. If you’ve got a party to attend and want to appear slimmer a fake tan can help to shave inches off your silhouette. Applying darker solution to the sides of the torso, legs and arms will create the illusion of a toned physique. Better yet, you won’t need to hit the gym or break a sweat.

Cover up blemishes. Small scars and spots on the surface of the skin can be easily camouflaged with fake tan. Darker skin hides all sorts of marks and means that you can wear strapless dresses and short skirts without worrying about pimples.

Achieve a radiant glow. Tanned skin looks incandescent and luminous – ideal if you want to dazzle at a large event and ensure that all eyes are on you. The hydrating ingredients in Sienna X products have been put together to soothe, soften and add moisture to the skin. Go ahead and try it!